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  • Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists Accredited Practice
  • London Flora Marathon Specialist Injury Centre 2009
  • Multi-discipline team (State registered Podiatrists and Biomechanists)
  • Gait Analysis using advanced technologies
  • Treating foot and lower limb pain in EVERYONE


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Padraig Harrington
The RSscan system has provided me with valuable information regarding my technique.
Resulting in enhanced... read more
Padraig Harrington
Professional Golfer
I have been using RSscan for several years.
I'm convinced that the high speed data acquisition capability is crucial in describing foot function... read more
Dr Mark Lake
Reader in Biomechanics
I have been very impressed with the analysis system and D3D orthotics provided by RSscan Lab Ltd... read more
Dr Sue Barnett
PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), SRCh, DPodM, MChS
more details about the systems more details about the software more details about D3D system